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IAFF L2856 Presidents Award

The Professional Fire Fighters of Kootenai County Fire & Rescue, Local 2856 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, represent Career Fire Fighters and Officers of Kootenai County Fire & Rescue. We seek to promote a harmonious and progressive work environment between employer and employees, in order to better serve the citizens of our great fire district in and around Kootenai County, Idaho, whom we have sworn to protect.


Our Officers:


President Seth Hohenstreet

   Blue Shift Captain

Vice President Kaipo Kuehu
   Red Shift Captain


Secretary Pete Holley

   Red Shift Firefighter/Paramedic


Treasurer Sam LaPresta
   Blue Shift Engineer

  Justin Capaul
  Green Shift Captain

  Mitchell Copstead 
  Red Shift Engineer/Paramedic

  Tony Blasick
  Green Shift Firefighter


Reflective Address Markers

It is highly recommended that your address be easily seen for emergency responders, especially if you reside out of town.  Precious time may be wasted trying to locate your home if it is not clearly marked.  If we can't find you, then we can't help you.  An address marker should be posted at the start of the access roadway/driveway at the point it leaves the county road and any point a driveway leaves a private roadway.

The Local 2856 can make you a reflective address marker for only $15 (click here for order form).  These markers are highly visible day or night, made with reflective material on both sides, fade resistant, will last for years, and comes with pre-drilled holes.  For more information, please call 208-755-2906.

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