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Kootenai County Fire & Rescue facilities may be available for use by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and public civic organizations on a limited basis for training, meetings, and other community purposes. Use of KCFR facilities is allowed only when it does not conflict with the District's activities; some programs may include outside contractors delivering mission specific trainings that benefit the Fire District and its taxpayers as approved by the Fire Chief.   

Preference is given to programs that are government-related. Programs of a distinctly political, economic, or religious nature are not permitted. Provisions for use are stipulated in the Facility Use Agreement, Training Center (JDTC) Facility Use Request Form, and in the Training Tower Guidelines. Failure to abide by the District’s guidelines for use may result in charges for damages and disqualification from further use.   

The process for requesting use of a KCFR facility is initiated by the Applicant/Sponsor by completing the Facilities Use Request Form. This form will be used to consider the request and to determine fees.  All requests are subject to approval solely by KCFR Administration.  If the facilities use request is approved, the applicant must then enter into a Facility Use Agreement with KCFR. This agreement is valid for the calendar year and becomes a part of any future Facility Use Requests by the same agency or group for the reminder of the calendar year. 

Forms and related documents: 
Training Center (JDTC) Facilities Use Request Form – Applicant must complete one form for each event. 

Facilities Use Agreement Form – Applicant must complete one form per calendar year. 

Training Tower Guidelines – Additional guidelines unique to the use of the KCFR Training Tower. 

Waiver of Liability (Tower) – Waiver required for Training Tower users.
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