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For seven decades, Smokey Bear has been spreading the word that "Only You can Prevent Wildfires".  Visit Smokey's website where kids can explore Smokey's cabin and find all kinds of fun and interesting things about Wildfire Prevention.  Select items throughout the cabin to revel activities, games, fire facts, and other useful information.  A fun site for all age groups. 

Sparky the fire dog works hard to teach children and their families fire safety. Explore Sparky's website and find lots of comics and stories, fun, games, and useful safety information including escape routes and information on smoke alarms. This website features many coloring activities as well as resources for parents and educators.



Leon the Lion is the Spokeslion for the Lighting Safety Alliance.  His website was created by NOAA, the National Weather Service and provides visitors with information about lighting safety.  Child friendly games, stories and coloring pages can all be found here.  The website also has several experiments related to lighting that will keep you occupied for hours. 


Rex the “Ready Kids” mascot and his friends are on a mission to help children prepare for emergencies. Ready Kids is a FEMA program that educates families on how to be prepared in every situation. In addition to fun & games, children can follow the four-step program to preparedness, allowing them to graduate from Readiness U! Parent and educator resources are also available on this website.  
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